Differences of Suspension of Detention With Exemption from Detention

These cases of violence against women and children are increasingly widespread and worrying. Yet all components of government and civil society have struggled to overcome them. Why has the struggle so far been less effective? Is this a good time to “raise the status” of this issue to be parallel to terrorism and drugs? “Violence against women” is defined as any action against a person, especially a woman, resulting in physical, sexual, psychological, and/or neglect of the suffering or suffering of a household including the threat of unlawful acts, coercion, or deprivation of liberty within the scope of the house stairs. Similarly, the notion of “violence against children” means any action against a child resulting in physical, psychological, sexual and/or neglect of misery or suffering, including threats of unlawful conduct, coercion, or deprivation of liberty. In many cases of violence, sometimes a lot of women are suspects, if you feel guilty, it would be better to suspend yourself and provide a guarantee to the prison with the bail bonds fort lauderdale.

Although the consequences of the punishment are quite severe, and the government and civil society have worked hard to overcome it by spending funds and other resources that increasingly years of increasing, but cases of violence against women and children in this country actually getting worse and worrisome. When you are arrested for one case of violent allegations, for example, you can use our agent to guarantee you. You can send cash for the full amount of bonds with the court or jail, you can also use real property with the last court the judge may decide to let the defendant pass their own confession. In 2015 alone, according to the National Commission for Women, there were at least 321,752 cases of violence against women or an average of 881 cases per day. Compared to the previous year, this figure increased by 9%.

While in the records of the Commission for the Protection of Indonesian Children, in the same year, there were 1,698 violent complaints against children, 53% of whom were cases of sexual violence. The remaining 40.7% are neglect, abuse, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violence.