What you need to know about a web management

Website management. That is the theme set by a training committee for me to present. Only those two words, management, and website. When I asked verbally, it means what the material with the theme of this web management, the committee answered, we want to be taught how to have a great web management service.

Indeed, website management means managing or maintaining a website. I often fill in website management themed training, especially content management (content).

In summary, in my understanding and experience of managing websites, web management is divided into two parts:
Design (Display)
Content (Content)

Content plays the most important role in website management. Content is king (content is king) as well as distinguishing one website with another website.

Display websites can be the same, both good and equally fast, but the content that will be the differentiator and ranking on the search results page (SERP).

So a concise review of website management – the type of managing website design and content. This is a draft for me to make a paper and/or a matter of power point presentation.