AC Less Cool, Maybe It Cause

Cold AC is not only happening on the old AC but AC also not escape from this problem, Sometimes the problem is not on the AC but other problems, such as the following Electrical Problems, Try to check the voltage of electricity available at home. AC is one of the largest electronic devices to suck up electricity. Therefore, make sure before installing the AC whether the voltage at home is stable or stable. If not maximal, so very likely the working process of the air conditioner is not maximal so that air conditioner less cold. This electrical problem will not only affect the air conditioner which is less cold but can give problem also on other electronic equipment. The solution is easy, If less try to add and If not stable try to stabilize, Use Stabilizer may be a solution. But if there is a problem with your air conditioner, do not hesitate to ask for help on our service aircon service.

Problems Wrong PK calculation, AC is less cold can also be caused PK capacity that is not as needed. AC capacity is measured by the amount of paard Kracht (PK). When buying, ordinary sellers offer a variety of AC sizes, ranging from ½ PK, 1 PK, 1.5 PK, and so on. The higher the number and size of the AC, the greater the capacity. If the size of PK is too small, chances are the room gets less cold and more wasteful power consumption. Conversely, PK is too big to make the room too cold, electricity is also as expensive. PK size should fit with cooling needs to keep air cool, air conditioner more durable, and stable power consumption. For an average 3 x 3 meter room, AC ½ PK may be sufficient. If the room is bigger than that, of course, it needs AC with PK bigger.