Simple Tricks Clean Carpets from Candle Drops

A candle is a temporary light, a replacement lamp during a power outage. However, if its use is not considered, the former melt can be frozen and difficult to clean. Moreover, the droplets of the wax attached to the cloth or carpet. The easy thing you can do is to wash it into the best laundry you can find at But you can also clean it yourself at home although it may be more difficult, here are the following the review!

First, take an ice cube and put it in a plastic bag. Then place the ice cubes on top of the molten wax until the liquid wax freezes. After that, clean the candle slowly until the wax marks attached to the carpet can be lifted.

If you have any remaining candles sticking, place brown paper over the rest of the candle, then iron the paper in moderation. In this way, the paper will absorb the remaining wax on the carpet.

In order for the carpet is not exposed to iron, this step you can do carefully. To erode the remaining wax clumps, you can use it with a blunt knife. This can be done while waiting for a hot iron.