Some Music Software to Produce Your Own Music

At the moment, there is more and more music software that you will be able to use to produce your own music. That is why you have to be able to choose the right one for you. Some of the best music production software, then, will be discussed below to help you choose it.

Apple Logic Pro is a software originally developed by Emagic and runs on Mac and Windows platforms. Logic Pro is also one of the world’s standards for audio software. The fundamental difference with Pro Tools is to use Logic Pro does not need a specific hardware specification (soundcard). Almost all sound cards that support CoreAudio can be used with Apple Logic Pro. There is actually another version of Logic Express which has a simpler feature besides the absence of WaveBurner app for mastering and MainStage to play live music. These two applications are included in the Logic Studio package consisting of Logic Pro, WaveBurner, MainStage, and Compressor. Currently, Logic Pro is only developed for the Mac platform only and has arrived at the version of Logic Pro X.

Cakewalk Sonar is a long-standing audio software originated from Twelve Tone developer. Cakewalk itself originally had Cakewalk Pro Audio, Kinetic, Plasma, Home Studio and finally came Sonar version. Sonar itself has a fairly futuristic interface. One of its special features is the Roland V-Vocal software to manipulate audio with a VariPhrase engine from Roland. Currently, Cakewalk already in the acquisition by Roland. In addition to producing software that has reached the Sonar X2 version also produces hardware ranging from keyboard controller, soundcard, Midi Cable, and speakers.

Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo is a software similar to Nuendo developed by the same company Steinberg of Germany. The difference between the two lies in the feature. Nuendo has almost all features owned by Cubase, but Cubase has only a few features from Nuendo. Nuendo is more geared towards the use of post-production, working with video data, and surround. In addition, Nuendo has more support for hardware. Both of this software run on mac and windows platform.